Boba Cake Recipe: 12 Best Nutrition Fact

Boba Cake Recipe are delicious and refreshing desserts that are easy to make and relatively cheap. They can be seen as the best option for people who live a healthy lifestyle because they contain low amounts of fat, sugar, and sodium. Boba Cakes are also made with natural ingredients meaning you will eat them without fearing gluten or allergy reactions.

How To Make a Boba Cake Recipe?

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 25 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes

Serving: 4 grams

Yield: 2


  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 cups boba
  • ½ cup flour
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • 8 tbsp butter, melted
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • ¾ cup heavy cream


Boba Cake Recipe
Boba Cake Recipe

1. preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

2. Combine the boba, flour, and brown sugar in a bowl; mix until well blended.

3. In another bowl, stir the butter with 2 tablespoons of water until thickened (this creates your glaze).

4. Stir the glaze into the boba mixture until well combined; don’t over mix.

5. Divide dough into 8 equal portions and press these portions together to form a ball; you should have 8 balls in total.

6. Place balls onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and freeze for 3–8 hours, or until frozen solid (if they are frozen solid, they can last longer than that – up to 5 days).

7. Mix the heavy cream with the remaining 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar in a bowl.

8. Gently poke each frozen ball with a fork to loosen it up, and you now have 8 Boba balls!

9. Take a plastic bag and cut off the tip, then attach the bag to a spoon and pipe the cream into each ball until they are all nicely filled (if you would like your Boba balls to be completely covered in cream, you can freeze them for 24–48 hours and fill them up again).

Nutrition Fact of Boba Cake Recipe:

Total Fat 6 g (9%)
Cholesterol 15 mg (5%)
Sodium 50 mg (2%)
Carbohydrate 41 g (16%)
Fiber0 g
Sugars 34g
Protein 2g
Vitamin A 1%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 4%
Iron 8%

Is It Suitable for Diabetic Patients?

Boba cake, rich in boba and refined sugar, is not suitable for people with diabetes. If you are on a diet, you must not consume this cake.

Can It Be Used for Weight Loss?

If you plan to lose weight, you must avoid consuming boba cake. If you have been on a diet and want to lose some extra weight, this cake will not help you. A good diet plan is the best solution for losing weight and maintaining it.

Can It Be Used for Children?

If your child is suffering from constipation, boba is not a good choice because it has lots of sugar and little nutritional value.

How To Make It More Delicious?

You can make this cake more delicious by adding more flavoring and cream. You can add any flavor of your choice.

Can This Cake Be Frozen?

Boba cake can be frozen easily by preparing it in advance and freezing them. They will be available for you to use whenever you need them. But the seeds and boba inside should be thoroughly separated before freezing.

How To Store Boba Cake?

Freezing is the best way to store boba cake, which will help keep its shape and maintain its flavor for longer. If you don’t want to freeze your boba cake, you should store it in a refrigerator.

Boba Cake Recipe: 12 Best Nutrition Fact

Boba Cake Recipe
Boba Cake Recipe

1. Calories 260:

The calories in the Boba Cake Recipe are 260. This is relatively low compared to other deserts, yet not very low. Most of the other deserts have around 300 calories per serving and include butter or sucralose in the recipe. However, the Boba Cake Recipe is equally delicious with no sucralose, butter, or any other ingredient that would increase the caloric value.

2. Total Fat 6 g:

The Boba Cakes are made with low amounts of fat. The calories from fat in these deserts are only 6g / desert. This means that you get only 3g/serving. This is a very low amount of fat when compared to other deserts. The desert also contains less than 0,5 g of saturated fats and trans fats.

3. Cholesterol 15 mg:

The cholesterol level in the cake is 15mg. This is low compared to most desserts. The reason for this is that the Boba Cakes are very nutritious and healthy desserts that don’t contain a lot of fat, butter, or other unhealthy ingredients, so they cause relatively low cholesterol levels.

4. Sodium 50 mg:

The sodium value in the Boba Cake Recipe is 50mg. This is a very low value when compared to other deserts. The reason for this is that the Boba Cakes are fresh, tasty, and relatively healthy deserts which means they will have low amounts of sodium and other unhealthy ingredients.

5. Carbohydrate 41 g:

This desert’s total carbohydrates are 41g per 100g of boba cake. This means that there are roughly 41g of carbohydrates per desert.

6. Protein 2 g:

There are very few proteins in the Boba Cake Recipe. If you count only one desert with more protein, this desert is around 2g per 100g of rice cake. In general, only a few desserts have more than 2g of protein per 100g of their main ingredient, so this value is very low in the Boba Cake Recipe.

7. Fiber 0 g:

The fiber content in the Boba Cake Recipe is 0g. This is relatively low compared to other deserts. This could mean that if you are not careful and use full amounts of sugar and milk, you can get a dessert that has more fat and sugar than it should have. For example, if you use all the milk, all the sugar, and 1 extra egg per the recipe, the amount of fiber will be around 2 g.

 8. Sugars 34g:

Sugars are the only ingredients that are a lot higher in the Boba Cake Recipe than any other desert. These deserts contain only 34g of sugar per 100g of cake. This is a relatively low amount of sugar compared to most desserts because most people add more sugar and sucrose to their treats to improve the taste and texture.

 9. Vitamin A 1%:

 10. Vitamin C 0%:

There is no vitamin C in the Boba Cake Recipe. This means that even though this desert contains very little cholesterol, it is low in vitamin C, which is very important for your body. However, servings of this dessert are not big enough to provide your body with enough vitamin C for a day/meal.

11. Calcium 4%:

There is a low amount of calcium in this desert. It contains only 4% of your daily recommended value. This means that if you eat more than a single serving per day, you might not have enough calcium to improve the functions and health of your body.

12. Iron 8%:

There is only 8% of the iron in the Boba Cake Recipe, which means that if you eat more than one serving per day, it might not be enough to keep your body healthy and maintain your body’s normal functions.

Boba Cake Recipe


The Boba Cake Recipe is very nutritious. It has a small amount of fat, cholesterol, and sodium, which can easily be balanced. Because the desert is low in calories, sugars, and fats, it’s also low in calories and fat.

So, you don’t need to worry about gaining weight if you consume multiple servings per day. The Boba Cake Recipe is relatively healthy and nutritious if you drink it in moderation.

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