Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe: Best 7 Freezing Ideas

Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe is a delicious dish perfect for all. It’s also great for those trying to lose weight because it has low calories.

Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe is also great for those craving fresh and hot food to eat. This dish doesn’t just taste delicious, but it is also healthy to eat. Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe is one of the many food products by Pei Wei Asian Kitchen.

This recipe is excellent for those who like to take their meals and snacks with them wherever they go. This one is super easy and takes very little time to prepare, which means you can make it.

What is the Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe?

The Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki recipe is a Chinese dish. Pei Wei specializes in providing Asian food such as sushi to its customers as one famous Chinese restaurant chain. This recipe comes from the Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki, one of their most popular dishes.

The main ingredients are chicken and teriyaki sauce. It is a great dish that you can serve for dinner or casual meals with friends and family members.

What Is Its Main Ingredient?

Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki is prepared with teriyaki sauce. This type of sauce has many health benefits since some of its ingredients are healthy and beneficial to human health.

How to Make a Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe?

Making a Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe is very simple, and there aren’t too many ingredients that you’ll need to make it. You will need:

Prepare Time: 45 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour 5 minutes

Servings: 6

Yield: 6 servings

Ingredients for Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe

  • 1 chicken breast (cut into small pieces)1 cup water
  • 1 large slice of onion (chopped)
  • 2 tbsp. soy sauce
  • 2/3 tsp brown sugar
  • ¼ tsp ginger paste or freshly grated ginger root (you can also use 1/3 tsp ground ginger powder)
  • ¼ tsp pepper powder (add more if you like spicy food)

You will also need a measuring cup, measuring spoons, and a small pot.

Making Preparation For Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe

Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe
Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe

Step 1. The Chinese recipe calls for mixing the ginger and garlic in the chicken, then marinating it in soy sauce and orange juice.

Step 2. The final step is to pour the ginger teriyaki sauce into the pan where you have mixed all ingredients. You can also partially cook this dish before adding the remaining ingredients; this way, you will not have to wait to serve it.

Step 3. Serve it with fried rice or hot vegetables if you want a meal with fewer calories.

Nutrition Fact Of Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe

saturated fat 0 mg
protein149 g
cholesterol 107 mg
sodium 496 mg
potassium 37 g

8 ideas How to Freeze Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe

1.Take the casserole out of the oven and allow it to cool before putting it in your freezer. If you freeze the meal when it’s hot, it will leak liquid into your freezer, which can cause damage to other foods you have in there.

2. Place the casserole into a freezer bag and freeze. If you’re meal prep on Sundays, this is an excellent option for how to freeze Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe because it takes very little time to prepare and put in a freezer bag so you can put it in your freezer for quick meals on the go during the week.

3. Use an ice cube tray to freeze the Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe into individual servings ready to go. This is an excellent idea if you’re meal prepping on Sunday because it’s a speedy process, and it’s super convenient.

4. Use muffin tins to freeze the casserole in individual servings. This is an excellent option if You want to eat a serving at a time (like I do with this recipe) because you don’t have to thaw out everything and then heat it up or even wait to cool down before eating.

5. Freeze Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe in silicone baking cups. These work great for grabbing a frozen serving of Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe without the mess. You can also bake them for quick meals or snacks on the go by putting muffin cases in these.

6. Freeze Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe in ice cube trays to grab one meal at a time that you want to eat right away or grab a couple of meals at once during your meal prep day.

7. Freeze Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe in a casserole dish or lasagna pan. You can then use it as individual servings once the meal has been thawed, or you can break it into small chunks like I do and use it for easy grab-and-go meals.

Is It Healthy for Elderly People?

Older people usually prefer to avoid foods with high nutrient and calorie contents. However, they are glad to hear that this recipe is not as unhealthy as it might sound.

Yes, it may be high in cholesterol; however, the nutrients in Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki can also help older people to improve heart health and blood pressure levels.

 Is It Suitable for Heart Patients?

Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki is not suitable for people with weakened hearts since it contains cholesterol. However, it is healthy enough to feed the soul, and you will enjoy it very much.

Is It Suitable for Diabetics?

This kind of recipe easily attracts people with diabetes because it is low in sugar. You can enjoy it anytime without feeling guilty about it. The Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki recipe is not suitable for those with diabetes, so it’s high time that you get rid of those worries.

Is It Good for Pregnant Women?

Pregnant women are overwhelmed by Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki. It is considered healthy and tasty. However, it may contain some chemicals which are not suitable for pregnant women. As a result, they need to consult their doctors before eating this dish.

Is It Suitable For Breastfeeding Women?

Yes, This recipe is very low in fat and is appropriate for breastfeeding women. The perfect recipe for breastfeeding women. Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe is very easy to make for a busy mom and is super simple to prepare. This recipe will be helpful for them to prepare at home with their kids.

How to Freeze Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe and How Long Can I Freeze It?

It is recommended that you wrap the dish tightly in foil not to freeze too quickly. You can also put a thick layer of grease, such as vegetable oil, on top of the plate if you want to slow down freezing or even pour some vinegar on top before putting it into the freezer.

Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki Recipe

The Bottom Line

Pei Wei Chicken Teriyaki is one of the most favorite food of many Chinese people. It is easy to make, and it does not take much time to prepare.

This dish can serve as an evening meal due to its health benefits, but if you are eating it for a casual dinner, you might need some more servings (for example, you can serve your friends half of the chicken and the rest portion is yours).

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